Saving the South Bank

London's South Bank is the cultural heart of our city. Facing Parliament, the area is filled with some of the most important historic monuments in the country.

But it is now under threat from developers who want to cash in on the area's popularity.

The Battle for Waterloo charts the campaign to stop the redevelopment of the Shell Centre into yet more exclusive and luxury homes at the expense of public spaces and our nations cultural heritage.

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PINS guidance

Planning Inspectorate updates guidance on planning inquiries

Yesterday the Planning Inspectorate has issued new guidance for the conduct of planning inquiries. No doubt in part due to the controversies raised by my case. In the new guidance the wording on the late submission of evidence has been strengthened. Now it is made clear that late evidence submitted by a planning applicant will be returned and not seen by… Read more →

Shell_Estates Gazette

Crocodile tears

Courtesy of the 35% campaign, I have just been sent the latest article from the Estates Gazette on the Shell Centre and this campaign. In a tremendously one sided three-page sob story, the voice of the development industry laments the huge difficulty that due process and the rule of law puts them in. Read more →

Southbank Place

The Evening Standard’s propaganda machine clicks into action

“Potential Buyers Rush to Register for 800 New Flats at the Shell Centre” thundered the headline in yesterday’s Evening Standard. Yet again Evening Standard effectively celebrates and endorses the mania of London Property market @michaellondonsf — Mark Amies (@Superfast72) July 29, 2015 How many people registered their interest in the new Shell Centre during the first few hours that… Read more →

RCJ from Waterloo Bridge

The Full Judgement

The full judgment is now available for download here: I will not comment extensively, for now. The judgement speaks for itself. But I will highlight the following. Mr Justice Collins was clear in his judgement, “I have no doubt that the claimant reasonably considered and that any fair minded observer would equally have considered that the inspector’s conduct fell below… Read more →


Court of Appeal Judgement

The battle is lost Today the Court of Appeal has handed down its judgement on the decision of the Secretary of State to grant permission for the demolition and redevelopment of the Shell Centre. The three judges of the Court of Appeal have decided that there was no apparent bias on the behalf of the planning inspector who recommended approval… Read more →

CoA – Court Report

It was a packed courtroom for the latest round of the Battle for Waterloo. There were the money men, bankers and financiers of the Shell Centre development come to see whether their vast profits were about to go up in smoke. The CEO of Canary Wharf group leaned over the bar of the public gallery, hanging on the words of the… Read more →


Tomorrow, 20th May, the Court of Appeal will hear my case on the redevelopment of the South Bank. The venue is Court 67 of the Royal Courts of Justice in front of Lord Justices Longmore, Sales and Davis. The hearing is scheduled for a morning only as it will focus on one issue, whether the planning inspector at the Shell… Read more →

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