Traveling can be a lot of fun but with all the eating out, not working out and veggin out; it can throw your weight loss gains out the window of a 100-foot building. Below are some tips to keep you not too far off the beaten path and not discouraged when you get home.

1) Workout & Travel Buddies – Most people don’t vacation alone and if you can help it you will want to consider whom you travel with. The person you’re with will make an impact on the food you eat and the activities you do. So if your workout buddy and your travel buddy can be one in the same, at least for this trip, you will be on track to have a fun fit vacay!

2) On Your Mark, Get Set, Sightsee! – A great way to take in the sights and get some exercise in is to plan out an early morning run around the sights you want to see. You can find a map of the cities sights online and plan out your route to make sure you get your normal miles/ time in.

3) Accommodations – More and more hotels are hip to the demand of healthier lifestyles and have a gym onsite. Before booking your hotel check to see if they have a gym or offer classes. Workout, shower and room service = YUM!

4) Track It – Down time during vacation is great but to avoid too much lounging around, strap on a pedometer. It is a great way to keep track of your activity during the day (and night if you sleep walk). Aim for 10,000 steps.

5) Fight the Bulge – While on vacation eating can be a challenge and can add a lot of calories. One way to avoid some of the extra pounds is to book a room with a small kitchen or Airbnb it; this will help limit the amount of meals you eat out. Packing some healthy snacks will also keep you from straying when out and about and save on the pocket book.

6) H2O it UP – While doing all your activities you can work up quite the thirst. However consuming the wrong beverages can pack on the pounds. Water is your best bet not only in keeping you hydrated but also in keeping your energy levels up. Dehydration causes sluggishness and can slow down your vacation plans.

7) Out of Order – To help stay on the move, act as if every elevator you come across is out of order. This doesn’t mean you don’t go to your desired location. It means; Take the Stairs!!!  Getting in as much activity throughout your day will make a big difference in how you feel and your fitness goals.

8) Snooze It – Most of us operate on hectic schedules and don’t get enough sleep in our every day lives. Lack of sleep effects impulse control, food portions, and wrecks havoc on your hunger hormones. Now is your time to get adequate rest and see what a difference it makes in how you feel and towards your healthy lifestyle.

9) Boozin’ & Losin’ – If you’re into consuming lots of drinks while on vacation then the only thing you’ll be losing are the results you worked so hard for. Gulp down four or five drinks and you’re taking in the same amount of calories as if you ate a cheesecake and an 8-ounce sirloin.
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10) Wheels Up – You’re in the final stretch and on the flight home. Or maybe to another destination, lucky you. Either way, the air in a plane is extremely dry and can cause dehydration. This dehydration is one of the causes of jet lag, which in turn leads to more eating. Good rule of thumb to avoid this trap is to drink 8-ounces of water before your flight and drink 8-ounces for every hour you’re in flight.

Following the above tips will help you minimize any fitness set backs and keep you having fun while on your trip! More important, now that you are home you can get back on your nutrition and workout plan.