There are actually two ways of getting an answer to it and sort out the dilemma: one would be to read as many materials and unbiased testimonials as possible, and the second would be to try the product for yourself.

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The PhenQ pharmacological formula has a very promising potential, having threefold benefits for the body. It accelerates the metabolism, it suppresses appetite and it boosts up body energy. However there are two conditions for the pill to prove efficient:that you balance diet and have between four or six meals per day;that you perform regular physical activities, at least two or three times per week.

Meal plans to use in combination with PhenQ

On the official PhenQ website, you can find several categories of diet plans. They belong to different categories of users, depending on gender and the daily level of activity. There are plans for active women and for non-active women, and similar ones are given for men. There is also a special category for vegetarians who need to lose weight and consider using PhenQ.

Does PhenQ require lifestyle adjustments?

Hardly! The problem is that people believe that the weight loss pill they use represents the real solution to their problem. They think that they are more successful with weight loss because of the supplement. The pill does a tiny part of the work: the rest is about diet and exercising. Without the latter two, fitness is almost impossible to achieve.

On the other hand, self-starvation and intense physical exercise which you may be inclined to try while using PhenQ, do not help really. Quite the opposite, by taking such an extreme and harmful approach to weight loss, you jeopardize your health and put your life at risk.

Real life improvements and fitness maintenance come with a level of education and with an understanding of the body-mind mechanisms. The supplement you add to your diet thus plays both a physical and a psychological role. If you are convinced that the product you use is successful, then, you automatically program your mind on a weight-loss frequency triggering the appropriate chemical responses.

When the weight loss supplement fails

It sometimes happens that the use of PhenQ does not lead to the expected results. What then? At such a point, you need to take the weight loss process seriously and analyze everything youve done to achieve your goals. Its important to find the flaw in the weight loss plan but without self-blame and a deepening of the negative emotions that you may already be experiencing.

It becomes more difficult to lose weight when you are skeptical, because your mind creates a blockage that counteracts whatever progress you make on the physical level.