Memory foam reacts to temperature.  When it is cold, memory foam becomes firmer than at room temperature.  When it is warm, memory foam is much spongier than normal and will not provide as much support.  These are just a few things that you need to know when deciding to purchase a mattress topper.

The Power of Knowledge

The average consumer does not really have enough information about the memory foam mattress topper to make an informed purchase.  Just as with used office furniture and other products that have been discounted from the brand-new price, consumers most often just consider price benefits and little else.  They usually order the first one that they come across or order the one that memory foam mattress topper reviews recommend.  What they do not realize is the no two companies’ memory foam products are the same and that most review sites are paid to recommend the most expensive product.  I know of a neighbor who ordered the memory foam mattress double simply because a review said it was the best topper for back problems, which simply is not true.

Tempur-pedic and Company

Memory foam mattress topper manufacturers differ in how they produce memory foam.  While they are basically the same principal, the materials used react slightly differently.  Some companies that are not as well known as the name brands use memory foam that breaks down faster and will not last the consumer as long as the more expensive names.  Tempur-pedic, for example, gets their memory foam from a medical manufacturer, which makes them more expensive to produce and more likely to last and help those with back and neck problems.  The effectiveness of any memory foam mattress topper depends on the shape of the mattress they are used upon.

Your Existing Mattress

If your mattress is already so uncomfortable that you can barely use it, you may need a new mattress all together and should go ahead and buy a memory foam mattress in lieu of a memory foam mattress topper.  Check your existing mattress for lumps, depressions, or a dip in the middle that causes the “hammock” effect.  If your mattress is way out of shape, it is not helpful.  If it is not in too bad of shape, but does have some signs of wear, the best memory foam mattress topper to purchase is a high-density topper that will provide the firmest support.
Article source : – Girl Crib Bedding.