Watching Free Movies Online – Pros and Cons

Entertainment and technology has made it possible for people to catch free movies online. While it is becoming a rather popular method of watching movies, there are both pros and cons to doing so as compared to other methods like downloading torrents and opting for paid websites. In this article, we shall discuss about the pros and cons of watching movies online for free.

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The biggest pro that is agreed by many viewers who choose this method is that it is free. It is free in the sense that you do not need to pay for getting to the theatre, you do not need to pay for the pop corn and beverages, and you most certainly do not need to pay to watch the movie. Another reason why this method is preferred is because it is very convenient to watch. Instead of needing to dress up, spending time travelling to the theatre and back, and even needing to hold your bladder if you needed to use the bathroom, you do not need to worry about any of these. You can even watch a scene over and over again if you truly enjoyed it or could not catch what was said without needing to pay a single cent. Comfort-wise, you do not need to be stuck on a seat that may be too hard or too soft, too spacious or too narrow, or too high or too low for your comfort. You do not even need to bother about other viewers chattering or laughing louder than you. In fact, you can watch it anywhere you like, even dressed down to your underwear if in private.

The pros may sound convincing enough to watch free movies online, but there are actually a number of cons that makes theatre-goers continue going to the theatre, or people choosing to pay for their viewing online instead. To start off, the quality of free streamed movies online have generally poor picture and sound quality, that you will not be able to see finer details at times. It might even freeze of get cut-off midway of the movie. And if you are unlucky in your choice, you would have streamed a camera recording of the movie from the theatre, which would make the quality even worse altogether. If you do not like interruptions in your movie, you will also have to face the advertisements that sponsor the website appearing every now and then, apart from the already lagging movie. Last but not least, if you are watching your movie while travelling, do not be surprised to find your movie suddenly unavailable for viewing, as the movie is only available in certain regions.